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Things You May Not Know About the Mako Shark


Did you hear the story about a Florida man recently catching an 800-pound Mako shark? While the size is impressive in and of itself, the noteworthy part about the catch was that it was reported to be the largest catch by a fisherman on land.

Surely you can understand the oddness of that, considering that most sharks are believed to be deep-water animals and thus are not near a shoreline to even be caught by fishermen. But this story inspired me to provide you with some fun facts about Mako sharks that you may or may not know.

Most Mako sharks can be found around Tahiti, but they vary widely in terms of depth and temperature of the waters in which they swim. In other words, they are easily adaptable.
Mako sharks will leap out of the water on occasion, much like whales. There is no known reason for this.
Mako sharks are the world-class sprinters of the shark world, reaching top speeds of 60 mph. They “cruise” at about 35 mph.
Because of their small size, Makos are popular targets for sport fishermen, but they are tricky because of their speed and they think of any human as a threat.
Mako sharks tend to eat just about anything, but favors fish that swim in schools – such as tuna, herring or swordfish.

So there you go. I’m sure there is something in there you may not have known about this small but savvy animals who have their own measure of beauty and power to them. We do have a collection of jewelry that celebrates sharks, and you can check them out here.

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