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Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Angler in Your Life

Anglers are a special breed of people. They enjoy the water and the marine life in the water. When choosing a jewelry gift for the angler in your life, it is important to consider more than just that person’s favorite color. Your gift must be both practical and beautiful for the best results.

When looking at jewelry for an angler, consider the fact that the angler is likely to wear it on the boat. This means that the angler does not need something that is super heavy or overly flashy. Also, if you are purchasing a bracelet or ring, it is essential that you select one that fits properly to prevent it from flying off.

The next thing to think about is the recipient’s favorite marine creature. Pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings are available that feature a variety of fish and marine animals. Turtles, sharks, dolphins and a variety of fish are just some of the offerings.

If you decide to go with a necklace, consider the different chains. You want to choose one that is durable and beautiful. If your wrangler is in and out of the water a lot, look at colored cord and leather chains. There are sterling silver and stainless steel options as well.

Selecting jewelry for anyone is hard, but buying jewelry for an angler comes with extra considerations. Luckily, options abound, and this makes finding angler jewelry an easier task. If you keep the recipient’s personal style and the practicality of the piece in mind, you are sure to select the perfect gift each time.

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Angling Enthusiasts: Wear Your Passion

Our jewelry makers are busy crafting beautiful Guy Harvey pendants, trophy slides and other designs to allow angling enthusiasts to wear their passions.

There is a jewelry pendant for you, whether you prefer fresh-water fishing or the challenges of the ocean. Wear a pendant that displays your favorite freshwater fish, such as trout or redfish, or look out to sea for jewelry that features the noble shark or a pair of playful porpoises.

If you have recently completed a fishing competition or broken your own record, show off your skills by wearing a trophy slide. These pieces easily slide onto a necklace or ankle bracelet, and it is fun to stack them like charms as you continue to advance as an angler.

Angling-themed jewelry is not just for women. Male jewelry designs feature simple sterling silver designs strung on leather chains or braided cords. Pair the designs with beads on each side, or let the pendant stand on its own. If you do not care for jewelry, these pieces also work well as keychain emblems.

Wear your passion by incorporating angling-themed pendants, trophy slides and other designs into your wardrobe. Whether you slip on an ankle bracelet or grab your trout-themed keychain as you run out the door, you are always reminded of your favorite pastime and have a ready conversation piece to share with others.

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Creative Gifts for the Angler in Your Life

Anglers typically make gift giving easy for everyone involved. Fishing equipment is a great gift, but it is something expected and ordinary. Instead, consider purchasing unique, creative gifts for the angler in your life that stand out amongst the hoard of reels, fishing lures and hooks and celebrate the angler lifestyle.

Jewelry is often overlooked when someone considers gifts for anglers, but it is a creative option that stands out well. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets come in many different varieties of materials and styles, so it is easy to pick out a piece to fit the receiver’s fashion sense. Use the interests of your angler to decide what to purchase, such as favorite type of fishing or fish. For example, if he prefers deep sea fishing, avoid buying pieces that focus around fresh water fish and fishing.

If you hear of a special catch your angler is particularly proud or fond of, consider purchasing a gift that commemorates the catch. Jewelry is one possibility, but a sturdy picture frame or shadow box that highlights the catch is a wonderful gift option. When building a shadow box, include favorite types of equipment and a high quality picture or two, then cover the face with glass to protect the contents.

These are far from the common gifts anglers are used to getting, but if you do a bit of research to find out what your favorite angler enjoys, they are great options for creative gifts. Jewelry and commemorative gifts are a step above traditional gifts and are sure to peak your angler’s interest.

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Stepping into the Eco-Lifestyle

There used to be a time, not so long ago as could be easily dismissed, that many people considered an eco-friendly lifestyle to be weird; out there…a little bit strange. The priorities placed by governments and societies in general on caring for the planet were low on the totem pole. Fortunately, humanity is an ever-evolving species, and the past few decades have seen the popularity of environmental conservation rise dramatically. People of heart organized their efforts and forced politicians to create laws to protect our natural resources, and people of means formed organizations designed to clean up the messes made and promote a healthy coexistence between ourselves and the other species of life on this planet.
Powered by the People

From every corner of the world, and from all walks of life, people have found themselves embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal, with more people than ever before recycling and performing other conservation efforts regularly, and more people placing higher value on environmental issues when it comes to their voice in the Government. Maybe we finally saw the seriousness of the messes we were making. Maybe we just figured out that, despite what Star Trek told us, this planet was likely to be the only planet we’d ever occupy. Whichever version is the truth, we finally began listening to the world around us.
Choosing Your Cause

Aside from the basic conservation and recycling, getting involved in organizations who are specifically targeting areas of the environment are important to you is a great way to step into the lifestyle. Whether it is a Marine Conservation organization like The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation or another organization providing a local environmental focus, organizations that care for our planet are always looking for like-minded individuals to help with the cause, whether it be time and effort or financial support. Choose one that means something personal to you, and do your part!
Together, We Stand

One of the great aspects of being an advocate for environmental conservation is that you get to meet other people with whom you share beliefs and convictions. You can’t always tell on the surface – us silly humans all look alike – so sometimes it’s good to advertise a little. From wearing eco-themed apparel or marine wildlife jewelry, these are worn as a lifestyle statement and provides a symbol of your concern for the planet.

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Angelfish Necklace

Angelfish are uniquely beautiful. There are two main types of angelfish: freshwater and marine. Both the freshwater angelfish and the marine angelfish not good for household fish tanks, because they are very vulnerable to changes in the water such as salt levels and pH levels, and will likely die if they are exposed to extreme change.

Despite the fact that their names are the same, freshwater angelfish and marine angelfish are not thought to be closely related. The freshwater angelfish is a tropical species of cichlid and marine angelfish are believed to be most closely related to the butterfly fish.

The fresh water angelfish is triangular in shape, making it easier to hide in aquatic plants in the water. Freshwater angelfish feed on smaller fish and are preyed upon by larger species of fish, birds and marine mammals.
Mostly found in shallow reefs, marine angelfish are reported to be almost fearless and are generally curious. Some species of marine angelfish are solitary by nature where other species of angelfish form territorial mating pairs or even groups. The groups of marine angelfish usually have one male and a number of females.

Marine angelfish have bright colors and patterns on their bodies and vary in color and size, depending on what species of angelfish it is, and patterns and colors change as they get older, possibly indicating its role on the chain of command in the angelfish kingdom. Both species are incredibly stunning to look at.

Celebrate the beauty of the angelfish with an original Guy Harvey sterling silver necklace, available in pure silver and enamel. Each medallion is hand crafted to show the fantastic detail and beauty of the angelfish. The variety of styles of chains available to you guarantees that you will find the necklace that best suits your individual taste.

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What do Guy Harvey Jewelry and Tiffany Have in Common?

Dr. Guy Harvey is an artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist and explorer, who takes great pride in creating unique and quality artwork representing the sea. His life-like depictions of marine wildlife on canvas can now be worn Like the designs created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, a name synonymous with art glass and jewelry, Guy Harvey has implemented the process of plique-à-jour in his lovely selection of jewelry.

Plique-à-jour, translated from French means “open to daylight”. It is created in much the same fashion as the technique of cloisonné, an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects using vitreous enamel. Plique-à-jour pieces however are designed without a backing allowing transparent or translucent enamel hence its name.

Enameling is an ancient technology, mainly used in jewelry and decorative art. The effect on the final piece of a vitreous enamel, or porcelain enamel, is stained-glass like. Stained glass is a colored or dyed glass used for decorative purposes, and its beauty is very popular in windows and lamps.

Due to the fragility of each piece, creating this look in ornate and delicate pieces of jewelry is very difficult to achieve a successful final product, but the effect of this technique is a bright and powerful infusion of color that brings to life the sea creatures that Dr. Harvey has designed.

Guy Harvey’s enameled Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Necklace with Stainless Steel Box Chain is crafted from the finest of sterling silver each piece is hand enameled and hand finished by expert craftsmen to show off the incredible detail. Each piece comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing that it is from the Guy Harvey Signature Jewelry Collection, and a Guy Harvey Jewelry Signature polishing cloth and drawstring bag is included with your purchase to protect your fine collection.

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